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Donna Syed + Michelle Kraxberger are extensively trained in the fields of Personal Development and Performance Training. They have learned and trained under the expertise of some of the most skilled pioneers in the Transformation Movement, and continue to enhance their skills as personal effectiveness facilitators through research, development, and the facilitation and design of personal growth training experiences.  Their fields of study and certifications include the Stephen Covey 7 Habits Trainer Certification, NLP, Somatic Practices, Emotional Intelligence + Behavioral Bias, Psychology of Human Motivation, NLP, and Coach/Facilitator training. 

Donna holds expansive space to explore all that is infinitely possible. My experience with her was both illuminating and spot on . . . she will see in you what you are unable to see yourself.
Sherri Hayter

Niagra Falls, Ontario, The Creative Idealist

Michelle has the ability to help women get down to the heart of their desires and translate desire into clear and actionable baby-steps that have the ability to change lives.
Donna Penland, Clinical Research Coordinator

Lee's Summit, MO

To recognize my basic truths and to honor them without shame–it was the ultimate free speech.
Marie G., Security Professional

Kansas City, Missouri

Donna’s gift for getting at the truth, led me to some intense moments of honesty with myself. It led me to MY truth. And when you know your truth, you are powerful.
Bev Carlson, Executive Product Manager

Bev Carlson, Senior Producer - Hallmark Cards

Michelle has been a true leader in our community with a passionate commitment to connecting families.
Lori Burbee, Educator

Lee's Summit, MO

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